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Сын переспал со зрелой мамой

BMW 3 Series (e90).

As you know, most automakers premium applies subtle marketing ploy - extends the range by building cars in the lowest price category. Trying to find online smoke shop king's pipe ? Check out this page: And such a move was quite reasonable - number of people willing to become owners of premium cars in the low price segment is growing. A worthy alternative to the purchase of new premium, although relatively inexpensive models may be buying a used car premium, which is the initial cost of a few years ago for many motorists were unaffordable. Such an option to buy, we decided to consider the example of the BMW 3 Series E90 in the body, the release of which was discontinued in 2009. Among the cars in age from 4 to 8 years in the secondary market is most common this model. As for the cost of such a car, the variation in prices could be very significant - from 450 000 to 1 500 000 rubles, depending on the year, the state of the vehicle, its mileage and equipment, as well as the type of sale (urgent / not urgent). As the average second-hand BMW we chose the 2.0-liter BMW 318 on the "machine." Its 136 horsepower with a peak torque of 180 Nm is capable of accelerating the sedan to the first "hundred" less than 11 seconds and to a top speed of 208 kilometers per hour. According to passport data, fuel consumption of this modification in the city and on the highway is 11.1 and 5.9 liters respectively.

get healthy application. By the way, in the opinion of many owners, passport data on fuel consumption is very close to the actual figures. The first thing that starts almost every potential buyer of a used BMW - is the study of the value of its detention and possible breakage. Let's try to collect the most common "disease» BMW 3 Series E90 in the back and give some recommendations. Typically, when properly maintained BMW four-cylinder engines up to 100 000 kilometers does not cause any difficulties. When a "solid" is often a run increased oil consumption, caused by the loss of elasticity of the valve seals (valve stem seals). The fact is that, due to economical and environmental reasons (although not essential), the operating temperature of engines new BMW is within 120 ° C and in such circumstances tire valve stem seals can not long retain its original properties. It is because of the high operating temperature of the engine do not neglect such a procedure as a heat sink to sink to remove it from the vehicle. Although this procedure is not in the official regulations THAT conditions of the Russian operation since autumn and spring mud, summer and winter salt dust make it absolutely necessary. Qualitatively, clean the radiator from the vehicle without removing the impossible, so sooner or later it can cause "chronic" overheating, which will significantly reduce the life of the motor. In addition, on vehicles with high mileage to the cause of overheating and can be controlled by a thermostat, a resource that ends just after 100 000 km. The fact that, unlike traditional thermostat, control thermostat design an additional heating element in the form of a spiral, which is electronically controlled and forcibly opens a large range of cooling, thereby preventing overheating of the motor. Identify when the spiral burns almost impossible, and the engine will be constantly overheated. The next pitfall - the official recommendations for intervals mezhservisnogo service that can reach 25 000 km. It ponimate that such recommendations were developed taking into account the ideal vehicle operating conditions. In real terms, this interval should be reduced at least twice.

Another "nuisance" in the four-cylinder engine BMW after a run of 100 000 km stretch of a timing chain, which entails a "withdrawal" camshaft, which in turn becomes a cause of falling output and unstable work idling. At six-cylinder engines of the problem is not due to better sbalanirovannosti. Another node that should be checked when buying a used BMW's gasoline engine - is overrunning alternator pulley. Worn clutch may seize and crank sprocket timing. In diesel engines N57, this "disease" is not available. Do not forget to diagnose the work Vanos. When changing the oil of late the previous owner of the node failure can give such as "mechanical jamming." When selecting a more powerful version with six-cylinder engine N52 in addition to checking Vanos need to pay attention to the condition and the timing chain system Valvotronic. Despite its efficiency, modern four-cylinder petrol engines BMW were on the order of "capricious" of their predecessors, so when choosing a used "troika" makes sense to give preference to the six-cylinder diesel or modifications. The diesel version of the BMW 3 Series E90 in the back manned 2,0 and 3,0-liter engines N47 and N57, which although a shorter service intervals, an order of magnitude more reliable than petrol "brothers", but 200 000 km 3.0- liter unit is almost guaranteed to need replacing turbines and vibration damper. Regarding the choice of the type of transmission is by far the vast majority of motorists bow their choice in favor of "machine", while still only a few years ago, such an option many frightened because of the expensive repairs of the unit. Today we can say with certainty that the judgment was erroneous. E90 equipped with a reliable dedicated six "automatic» ZF, which, when properly maintained without problems nursed more than 200 000 km. The key to long uptime "machine" is the serviceability of the cooling system, which is "tied up" to the engine cooling system. When overheated gearbox oil is heated to 130-140 ° C and loses its properties. At the same time there is an intensive wear of the friction. But most interesting is that in this case shows no sign of malfunction. The fact is that the wear of the friction in the oil fall abrasive particles that make it more dense. Herein lies the "secret" of the refusal of the box after the "harmless" oil change. Therefore, before purchasing it is strongly recommended to conduct computer diagnostics box that including shows and oil temperature. As part of the electronics "troika" in the back of E90 may be a problem with the front pripodnesti current distributor, which is located under the glove compartment, as well as leading to his wire from the battery. It should also be pay attention to the fan electronics box, a fault which can "burn" the electronic control unit. In general, the choice of the "correct" copy of the BMW 3 Series in the back of E90, the car is guaranteed to give its new owner driving pleasure and premium status, and its acquisition costs and the elimination of the small "stocks" do not exceed the cost of a new car budget. Без порно прожить можно, особенно, если ты любишь сидеть вконтакте. Так что лечи свою зависимость другими вещами, например спортом.

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